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SINCE 1991

Steve Shepard started SBT Designs in Woodland Park, Colorado in 1991 after he left civil service.  He moved the business to San Antonio, Texas where he operated as a renewable energy dealer for over 15 years.  SBT Designs literally introduced home automation and solar lighting to the South Texas region.  In 2011 SBT Designs returned to city she was born and set up shop offering qualified outdoor lighting products and services.  Betty, the dream lives on.


SBT Designs is a licensed LLC  in the State of Colorado.  We are insured and  offer qualified technical products and services to residential and light commercial customers in the central and southern Colorado region.  While outdoor lighting is our primary activity we do offer qualified IT services to commercial contracts in the region during the winter season and in between our lighting activities.  We mean business and we want your business.  Please contact us.
Steve Shepard

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